best practices and policies


family-friendly practices: good for business, good for young brains

Employers who support employees and their children are investing in their teams, their workplace culture — and our shared future. Now more than ever it’s clear employees’ roles as parents/caregivers are intertwined with their role as workers.

The Itasca Project, a cross-sector alliance of employers, launched the

First 1,000 Days initiative to help raise awareness among employers of the lifelong impact of early experiences prenatal to age 3 – and the crucial

role they play.


How your organization can help:

  • Raise awareness with Little Moments Count materials

  • Adopt family-friendly policies, guided by our employer toolkit

  • Join advocates to support families in greatest need

Employers can better support their employees
and their families through:

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 12.32.12 PM.png

The Little Moments Count Employer Toolkit was inspired by, and developed in partnership with, Family Forward North Carolina. We appreciate their invaluable support. Additional information can be found here.