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racial justice resources


it is important for parents and caretakers to learn about racial and social justice and becoming anti-racist

Little Moments Count is committed to helping parents understand how structural racism impacts us all and helping to provide resources that assist families on their path to greater racial and social justice.


Here is a list of key resources put together by racial justice experts across different fields to help you learn more as a person and as a parent.



virtual sites and parent resources

Embrace Race – A national organization that creates resources for families, teachers and the community to help raise a generation of children that are thoughtful, informed and brave about race. Resources include articles, webinars, action guides, children’s books and stories.

Raising Race Conscious Children – A national organization to support parents and teachers who are trying to talk and race and diversity with young children. The goal of these conversations is to prepare young people to work toward racial justice. 

National Museum of African American History and Culture Talking About Race Resources – National organization that provides tools and guidance to inspire peoples’ conversations and journeys in learning about race.

Teaching For Change – National organization that provides parent, caretaker and teacher social justice education resources and information on a variety of important social justice topics.

Twin Cities Public Television - How to have Tough Conversations about Racism with Kids

parenting articles

American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP): Talking to Kids about Racism Blog

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – Pace Journal Article: Children Are Not Color Blind

Huffpost Article: How Does Racism Survive an Education?

PBS Article: What is Race? Having a Conversation with Young Children

Star Tribune Article: Imagine You are a Black Teen in North Minneapolis

NY Times Article/Lesson Plans: Teaching Ideas and Resources to Help Students Make Sense of the George Floyd Protests

for adult research and longer articles

Sojourners Article: For Our White Friends Desiring to be Allies (linked pdf)

International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, Vol 3 (3) (2011) pp 54-7, Robin DiAngelo, Article: White Fragility (linked pdf)

curated kids’ and teen booklists

suggested children’s titles

Hennepin County Library Guide: Anti-racism: #BlackLivesMatter tools to talk about race for children

Hennepin County Library: MN Author List – Artika Renee Tyner

Saint Paul Libraries Guide: Picture Books to Celebrate Blackness

Ramsey County Guide: Ramsey County Books List for Supporting Children (linked pdf)

Saint Paul Libraries Guide: Talking About Race with Young Children

Saint Paul Libraries Guide: Talking About Race With School-Age Children

Saint Paul Libraries Guide: Resources on Race: Picture Books and Easy Non-Fiction

suggested teen titles

Hennepin County Libraries Guide: Anti-racism: #BlackLivesMatter tools to talk about race for teens

combined lists

Saint Paul Libraries Guide: Talking With Children and Teens About Racism

book selection help (includes book lists)

Social Justice Books Initiative

Teaching for Change Guide to Selecting Anti-bias Books

We Need Diverse Books Racial Justice and Inclusion Information

book lists for adults

Hennepin County Library Selection: Me & White Supremacy

Saint Paul Libraries Resources on Race

Denver Public Library eBook and Blog on Recommended Anti-racism Resources

other articles

Business Insider Article: What It Really Means to Be an Anti-Racist, and Why it's Not the Same as Being an Ally

New York Times Magazine Article: American’s Enduring Caste System

MN Society of Certified Public Accountants Article: Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion in your office

mindfulness practices and mental well-being resources for families

Zero to Three: Mindful Practices for Families

California State University: San Marcos Racial Trauma, Resiliency and Ally Resources

For Families of Color: Family Care, Community Care and Self-Care Toolkit: Healing in the Face of Racial Trauma

Ramsey County (some MN general) Mental Wellness and Health Resources (linked pdf)

Need Help Right Away? National Parent Helpline 1-855-427-2736 Operated by Parents Anonymous.

articles for tweens and teens

Star Tribune Article: Imagine You are a Black Teen in North Minneapolis

NY Times Article: Civil Conversations for Teenagers, Forum #3 – the Fight for Racial Justice

NY Times Article: Civil Conversations for Teenagers, Forum #4 – Race, Gender and Identity

NY Times Article: Student Opinion: How Much Racism Do You face in Your Daily Life?

NY Time Article: How Much Racism Do You Face Every Day – 101 African American Teenagers Respond



educational videos for parenting

The Atlantic Video: How to Talk to Children about Race

Common Sense Media Video: Helping Kids Process Violence, Trauma, and Race in a World of Nonstop News (CC language translations available on YouTube): 

Common Sense Media Video: Parenting in Support of Black Lives: How to Build a Just Future (and How Media Can help (CC language translations available on YouTube):

CNN Video: A look at Race Relations Through a Child’s Eyes

educational videos for adults

Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years A film by Debbie LeeKeenan, John Nimmo & Filiz Efe McKinney

Buzzfeed Video on What is Privilege? (Subtitles and languages available)

TedEx Talks Video: Let’s Get to the Root of Racial Injustice (Subtitles and languages available)

Seattle Channel Video: Dr. Robin DiAngelo discusses her book, White Fragility – Why it’s so Hard for White People to Talk about Racism

Emmanuel Acho Videos: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (Subtitles and languages available)

New York Times Video: A Conversation with Black Women on Race (Subtitles and languages available)

Rocky Mountain PBS Video: Institutional Racism – Standing in the Gap (Subtitles and languages available)

ActTv Video: Systemic Racism Explained (Subtitles and languages available)

children’s books storytime read aloud

Hennepin County Libraries: Family Storytime with Dante - Something Happened In Our Town, written by Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins and Ann Hazzard

Saint Paul Library Storytime ReadsMy Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood, written by Tameka Fryer Brown

Saint Paul Public Library Juneteenth Read Aloud with Tiana

Saint Paul Public Library Juneteenth Read Aloud with AJ

Saint Paul Public Library Juneteenth Read Aloud with Timothy

Jelani Memory Reads His Book: A Kid’s Book About Racism (Subtitles and languages available)

Kevin Carroll Reads His Book: A Kid’s Book About Belonging (Subtitles and languages available)

Felisha Gayesi-Thames Reads Anansi the Spider, a Ghanese folk tale 

Artika Tyner Reads Excerpt from My Name is Justice, written by Artika Tyner and discusses what’s in a name.

Artika Tyner Reads Amazing Africa: A to Z and discusses the book, written by Artika Tyner.

other videos for young children

Sesame Street Video: What is Racism?

Sesame Street Video: How to Be an Upstander to Racism Song (closed captioning and other languages available)

Sesame Street Video: I Love My Hair! Song (closed captioning and other languages available)

Sesame Street Video: The Color of Me (Mando’s Spanish Version – intro in English – song English and Spanish)

Children's Theater Company of Minnesota: Something Happened in Our Town

videos for tweens and teens

New York Times Video: A Conversation about Growing Up Black (Subtitles and languages available)

Kid President’s Video Guide to Making a New Friend (talks about different religions and disability) (Subtitles and Languages available)

KQED (Bay Area) Video: Teen Racial Justice Activist First Person Narrative Story (Subtitles and languages available)

Malala Fund Video: Malala Yousafzai and Teen Activists on Learning to Speak Out (Subtitles and languages available)

Buzzfeed Video: What is Privilege (Subtitles and languages available)

Buzzfeed Video: Students Learn a Powerful lesson About Privilege (subtitles and languages available)






PBS Parent Guide: Talking to Young Children About Race and Racism

Children’s Community School Printable Infographic: They’re Not Too Young to Talk About Race

Denver Public Library: Tips for Talking with Kids About Race

Minnesota Children's Museum: Talking with Kids about Racism Tipsheet

virtual action kits

Raising Raise Conscious Children: 100 Race-conscious Things You Can Say to Your Child to Advance Racial Justice (English only)

Embrace Race: 7 Ways to Support the Young Advocates in Your Life (English and Spanish)

Embrace Race: 16 Ways to Help Children Become Thoughtful, Informed and Brave About Race (English and Spanish)

Embrace Race: 8 Tips for Choosing “Good” Picture Books Featuring Diverse, BIPOC Characters (English and Spanish)

Embrace Race: 5 Things to Keep Colorism from Infecting Your Family (English and Spanish)

Embrace Race: 10 Tips for Teaching and Talking about Race (English and Spanish)

Embrace Race: Tips for Partnering with Other Families For Educational Justice (English and Spanish)

Embrace Race: 4 Steps to Help Kids Push Back Against White Nationalism (English and Spanish)

More Embrace Race Action Kits (all in English and Spanish)

little moments count racial justice consulting organizations

African American Babies Coalition

American Academy of Pediatrics, Minnesota Chapter

City of Saint Paul


Hennepin County

Hennepin County Library

Hennepin Healthcare

Minnesota Children’s Museum

The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)

Ramsey County

Redleaf Center for Family Healing

Saint Paul Public Library

Think Small

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