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A wealth of tools, services and advocacy for mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers and extended families.

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turn everyday moments into learning
moments for your child

Get three text messages a week with fun facts about your child’s development, based on their birth date, and easy tips for intentional learning in everyday moments like snack time, grocery shopping and bedtime.

Signing up for Think Small ParentPowered Texts is free and easy. text LMC to 70138. use code LMC ESP to receive in Spanish and LMC SOM for Somali.

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ParentPowered Texting Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Through the generous support from Target, and the Bush Foundation, we are able to offer this program to Minnesota families at no cost. Your information will never be shared or sold. By signing up for Think Small ParentPowered Texts (the “Program”), you agree to (ii) the Parent Powered PBC Terms of Use available at and Privacy Policy available at, and (iii) receive approximately three Think Small ParentPowered Texts text messages per week from 70138. By signing up, you confirm that you want Parent Powered to send you information we think may be of interest to you, which involves Parent Powered using automated dialing technology to text you at the cell phone number you provided. While there is absolutely no cost for enrolling, data & message rates may apply. You can cancel your receipt of Think Small ParentPowered Texts text messages at any time by texting STOP to 70138. For help with Think Small ParentPowered Texts text HELP to 70138 or email us at

Little Moments
Count playlist

Sing, dance, have fun. music and movement activate a baby’s brain and create a happy mood. just tap on the songs and get ready to dance.

helpful resources and services

Go-to parenting websites

American Academy of Pediatrics

Help Me Grow

Zero to Three (ZTT)

Help Me Connect

Text Programs

Think Small Text Video for Families (Aval in English, Spanish, Somali)

Text4Baby App for Pregnancy and the First Year (Avail in multiple languages)

Breast Feeding

HealthPartners Breastfeeding Center and Mom Cafe

Common Questions about breastfeeding

Childcare Assistance

Minnesota Department of Human Services

Parent Aware Quality Rating System and Finder

Parent Aware Video in Spanish

Parent Aware Hmong Video

Parent Aware Somali Video

Minnesota Childcare Assistance Information

Minnesota Early Learning Scholarship Information

Podcast in English and Spanish: How Partnering with their Caregiver Supports Healthy Development

Childcare development milestones

Help Me Grow

Refer a Child to Help Me Grow MN

Center for Disease Control Milestone Info

Video on CDC Milestone Tracking

Video on CDC milestone tracking in Spanish

Follow Along Program (MN Dept of Health)


Food & nutrition

Minnesota Department of Human Services

Hunger Solutions Minnesota Help Resources

MN WIC Application and Process

Podcast in English and Spanish: Nurturing Healthy Eating Habits from the Start

Twin Cities Mobile Market

Health care

Minnesota Department of Human Services


Minnesota Department of Human Services

Coordinated Entry Information – Housing Assistance

Screen Time

AAP screen time information

AAP: Tiempo para estar frente a una pantalla

Common Sense Media Resources

Podcast in English and Spanish: The Influence of Media on Young children’s Development

Sleep information

AAP Safe Sleep Resources for Parents (only English)

AAP Video on Safe Sleep Practices (only English)

Tips for a sleep routine

General parenting

Positive Parenting Approaches

Podcast in English and Spanish: Coping with Crying in Babies and Toddlers

ZTT podcast: How Babies Begin to Develop Self-control in the first 3 years ((English and Spanish)

Managing Your Own Emotions: the key to successful parenting

Are Time-outs Helpful or Harmful to Children (English and Spanish)

The Impact of Your Childhood on How you Parent Today (English and Spanish)

Talking about Race with Your Children

Little Moments Count Racial & Social Justice Resources

Resources for fathers

Zero to Three Resources

The Daddy Factor (English)

Let’s Hear it for the Dads! (English and Spanish)

Podcast: The Impact of Fathers on a Child’s Development (English and Spanish)

La Guardia Cross: Daddy Matters Episodes

The FATHER Project

Resources for grandparents and extended family

Grandparent Guide: What’s New, What’s the Same? (English and Spanish)

Webinar: Grandparents As Childcare Providers (English)

Support organizations

African American Babies Coalition

Northside Minneapolis residents: Enroll in NAZ

Early Childhood and Family Education - ECFE is a parenting education program for all Minnesota families with children between the ages of birth to kindergarten entrance.

Way to Grow

Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

Free program, activities & learning kit

MacPhail Center for Music - Sing. Play. Learn classes at HealthPartners

Minnesota Children's Museum Reduced Fee Memberships for qualifying families

Tickets for Kids Charities

Little Moments Count activity sheets and bookmarks

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