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family-friendly policies: good for business, good for brains

Employers who support employees and their children are investing in their teams, their workplace culture — and our shared future. Now more than ever it’s clear employees’ roles as parents/caregivers are intertwined with their role as workers.

The Itasca Project, a cross-sector alliance of employers, launched the

First 1,000 Days initiative to help raise awareness among employers of the lifelong impact of early experiences prenatal to age 3 – and the crucial

role they play.


How your organization can help:

  • Raise awareness with Little Moments Count materials

  • Adopt family-friendly policies, guided by our employer toolkit

  • Join advocates to support families in greatest need

Employee awareness campaign documents
Campaign documents


create awareness among your employees

Mother Working from Home
Mother Working from Home


access resources to be more family friendly

The Itasca Project

An employer-led alliance drawn together by an interest in new and better ways to address regional issues that impact our future economic competitiveness and quality of life in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. 

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