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Wellthy provides personalized support to help employees tackle the logistical and administrative tasks of caring for their loved ones or for themselves. The company reports a 2x ROI, has a 100% retention rate with over 500 client partners and an average NPS® score of 85.

benefit to employers

  • Increases productivity

  • Increases retention, reducing
    turnover costs

  • Increases morale, loyalty, commitment

  • Reduces employee absenteeism

benefit to families

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduces reports of physical and
    mental fatigue

  • Saves employees time

  • Increases job satisfaction


case study: Medica

Caregiving resource
eases employee stress and increases productivity

In October 2019, Medica made a prescient decision to offer Wellthy, a benefit solution that tackles logistical and administrative tasks of caregiving, whether for a one-time emergency or an ongoing situation. Handling financial, medical, legal, housing and social/emotional aspects of caregiving is often stressful, time consuming and distracting, pulling employees away from the tasks at hand. 


“We know that family is more important to our employees than their work is — as it should be,” said Lisa Stahnke, senior director, Total Rewards & Talent at Medica. “At the same time, we have a bottom line. So lessening the stress of caring for loved ones is good for our employees and Medica.” 

Wellthy’s care coordinators (who are often trained social workers) can help with various issues: childcare, aging, health conditions, mental health, veterans support, financial hardship or special needs. They can help regardless of the relationship, and the loved one does not need to be a dependent on the employee’s insurance or live with them. Wellthy creates personalized care support that employees can control from an online dashboard, simplifying caregiving for people whether they’re helping an aging parent living across the country, their young child, a family member with special needs — or themselves. 


“Our employees are passionate and emotional about what the benefit has meant to them,” said Stahnke. “Employees are able to focus on their job and not stress about a family situation because they know the Wellthy team is handling the details. In all of my years in benefits management, I’ve never seen a program take off so immediately.” 


Medica’s workforce is 70% women, and the average age is 44 years old, meaning the majority of their employees are considered the “sandwich generation”— people who are caring for aging parents while raising children. 


Other details:

  • Wellthy is free to all Medica employees — even if they aren’t eligible for benefits. 

  • The cost of the program is based on a per-employee per-month fee. 

  • Wellthy touts a 2x ROI, an 85 average NPS® and employer retention rate of over 500 client partners. 

Location:        Minneapolis, Minn.

Employees:    2,000
Industry:         Healthcare
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